Relaxing isn't my greatest quality. But today, with some effort, I planned to relax. We had to turn down multiple family invitations, which we don't like to do, but I knew I would need a day to rest after the last two weeks.

Easter is special. It signifies more than Christmas and still falls in second place every year. And even more interesting, we celebrate the death and life of Christ with eggs and rabbits.

Our day started with an early morning hike in Red Rock Open Space with friends.
We rushed home for a quick shower and off to church. There is something electric about Easter church. But Becky and I's highlight was when the pastor said "If Heaven is an eternal church service that sounds more like Hell." Couldn't agree more.

After the traditional "Sunday Taco Bell for Lunch" we came home for some rest and preparation for our next adventure.

The afternoon was set aside for Becky's maiden voyage on her new bicycle. We rode towards downtown looking for a delicious pass time. Success.
Today was much needed.


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