And we're off....

Becky and I have embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, adoption. The years, months and days ahead will be forever a classroom for us to learn about ourselves, a new culture and love as we have never experienced. We have just started raising money for our lifelong mission trip and need your help. The value of adopting a child deepens when people join together to give him an extended "family" of love, prayer, and support. We invite you to reach across the world and into a child's heart as we raise $25,000 to accomplish this mission. Here are 3 ways you can help.

Way #1: Let my wife take your picture! She loves to photograph families, seniors, children, couples, and events and is offering her services for a donation to our adoption fund. Learn more here.

Way #2: Purchase our re-usable grocery bags. Purchase below

Bag Quantities

Way #3: Donate


Anonymous said...

Julie and Alan are on the waiting list for two siblings from Africa. You can watch the mistakes they make and learn.

I recommended XMedia to a client - hopefully that will help toward your adoption expenses.

Mark said...

Thanks Mike!

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