Be Inspired.

Life is often times sucky. We have all been there, heard about it and can't always get out of it. After a cigar and a few beers tonight I figured we, as a whole, live our lives un-inspired. And when we do live inspired it's the inspiration that comes from ourselves, which leaves us feeling empty. The inspiration that wakes us in the morning and keeps us up at night comes from other people and our belief in God and His providence in our lives. It might be a simple hello or deep conversation, a feeling of peace or the urge for much needed confrontation of a difficult situation, either way inspiration starts with us, ends with us and also has nothing to do with us. As I drift into a slumber tonight I feel inspired. I am inspired by the friends and family who, through financial support and encouragement, have decided to follow our conviction to adopt. I am inspired by the Jr. High team that drove an hour and a half to lose two games. I am inspired by humans embracing life, death and the adventure in between. Who will inspire you? Who will you inspire.


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